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PlasmaQuant® MS Series

The patented spectrometer design of the ICP-MS systems provide for the lowest detection limits and consistent analytical quality for extremely short integration times and high dilution factors. This ensures high throughput, long-term stability, and reproducible results, while significantly reducing your maintenance costs.

The PlasmaQuant® MS series offers four models optimized for individual application requirements. Together with a range of upgrade options and accessories, the systems can be optimally adapted to the respective field of application.


Benefit from superior ICP-MS technology:

Best analytical performance with 10 times more sensitivity

Highest throughput with 50% more samples per hour

Most efficient operation saving 50% of the plasma running costs

True wide range multielement analysis with 11 orders of analytical range in pulse-counting mode only

Exceptional application efficiency with outstanding mass separation and lowest abundance sensitivity in ICP-MS