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Thermo Scientific Accucore Columns


• Optimized for MS detection, excellent combination of speed and quality separation
• Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases, special selectivity for polar analytes

Thermo Scientific Syncronis Columns


The KjelROC Distillation Unit and the KjelROC Analyzer shares similar User Interfaces, which makes it easy for an operator to handle both systems. Complete automation, including automatic addition of water, alkali and receiver solution.

Thermo Trace 1300 Series GC


The Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph is the latest technology breakthrough conceived to substantially elevate performance in QA/QC and routine laboratories. Engineered around newly developed proprietary injectors and detectors, available as user-exchangeable, instant connect modules, these GC plat­forms offer greater flexibility over previous instrumentation at a lower cost of ownership.