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AI/AS 1310 Series Autosampler

Improve the consistency and quality of your gas chromatography (GC) results. Engineered to stand up to the demands of any busy QA/QC or high-throughout lab, the Thermo Scientific™ AI/AS 1310 Series Autosampler will help you process more samples more quickly with its advanced design and usability features.

ISQ™ Series Single Quadrupole GC-MS Systems

Choose Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™ Series Quadrupole GC-MS Systems for time-proven performance and productivity. The ISQ GC-MS Series features a new source design ideal for continuous high-throughput operation. The vacuum interlock enables source removal without venting the system, enabling nonstop productivity in your laboratory.

TRACE™ 1300 Gas Chromatograph

Reduce costs while maximizing productivity. Designed from the ground up for a new level of usability, the budget-friendly Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1300 Gas Chromatograph gives you the ability to switch instant-connect injectors and detectors in minutes without tools for unprecedented flexibility. With its ability to boost productivity, accelerate response times, and lower total cost of ownership, this compact GC system is a smart investment for any lab.

TriPlus RSH™ Autosampler

Expand automated capabilities beyond liquid, headspace, and solid phase microextraction (SPME) injections. The advanced, built-in robotics of the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH™ Autosampler deliver exceptional precision, unprecedented sample handling flexibility, and reliable unattended operation. Accurate and repeatable sample preparation and introduction are essential to achieving the highest quality GC/GC-MS results.

TriPlus™500 GC Headspace Autosampler

Powered by a completely new design, the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ 500 Headspace Autosampler delivers reliability and robustness for testing laboratories performing volatiles analysis. Valve-and-loop technology and other innovative features ensure that this autosampler streamlines daily workflows, saving time with reliable unattended operation, optimizing sample throughput with expanded vial capability, and facilitating method portability with powerful software. Smartly integrated with the Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1300 Series GC, this modular platform provides today’s routine laboratories with the productivity needed to succeed.

TSQ™ 9000 Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS System

Satisfy your routine laboratory's current and future analytical needs for truly unstoppable performance with the Thermo Scientific™ TSQ™ 9000 triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS system. Deliver high sensitivity for more routine analysis. Minimize maintenance intervals with routine-grade robustness. Operate with technology, flexible method development and powerful reporting tools designed for optimal productivity. Achieve quality results on time, every time with easy-to-use routine workflows.