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A single device to analyze whole grains, flour, brans and other powdered products including semolina, couscous, and bulgur for multiple parameters -  protein, humidity, zeleny test, gluten, oil, ash. Wide range of pre-set calibrations are included. The measuring system uses a high quality monochromator and transmittance technology, in conjunction with robust calibrations, to ensure precise results.

Spectrastar XT


The new SpectraStar XT series of Near Infrared Analyzers (NIR) offers outstanding accuracy and reliability for rapid analysis of unground, partially ground, or ground samples as well as liquids and slurries. Typical constituents measured are moisture, protein, fat, sugar and fibers as well as more difficult parameters such as ash and amino acids.

Utilizing scanning monochromator technology used in over 80% of food and agricultural NIR installations, the SpectraStar XT analyzer delivers industry leading
performance in an easy to use stand-alone instrument. 

With an industry first scan range to 2600 nm, the SpectraStar XT delivers additional information which may increase accuracy for constituents containing C-H aromatic and C-N-C amide bonds including: lignin, amino acids, protein and fibers.

Rugged and reliable, the XT analyzers are equally suitable for at-line installations in a production environment or a fully equipped research laboratory, providing great value and quick payback to optimize your analytical and process resources.