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1. FlashSmart Analyzer


FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer


The Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer operates with dynamic combustion of the sample (modified Dumas method) for nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and sulfur determination, and oxygen determination by pyrolysis.

The FlashSmart EA is a fully automated Elemental Analyzer which simplifies the user experience and dramatically improves productivity and efficiency. The FlashSmart Analyzer is available in various configurations such  as NC, NCS, CHNS/O, N/Protein, etc . The all-in-one FlashSmart Analyzer can be easily adapted for the listed configurations at anytime according to the user analytical requirements.


The Analyzer can be equipped with one or two totally independent furnaces. The double channels can be connected using a single pneumatic circuit. The system also allows the installation of two analytical circuits which are used alternatively and completely automated through the Thermo ScientificMultiValve Control (MVC) Module. Each analytical circuit can receive its own autosampler. The MVC module also allows the use of Argon as alternative carrier gas.



The C/N/S/Cl elemental analyzers from Analytik Jena combine reliability and flexibility in unmatched quality.Patented innovative solutions enable a high degree of automation. The determination of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and total chlorine in most diverse sample matrices becomes child’s play.