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contrAA series

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The contrAA® AAS series are the first and only commercially available instruments for High Resolution-Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. It features xenon arc lamp, high resolution optical system, and CCD for accurate and powerful analysis.

novAA series


The novAA ® series are a new generation of AAS for the effective use of D2 background correction. The series covered by flame and graphite furnace techniques for all the complete range of fully automatic single- and sequential multi-element analysis.

ZEEnit P series


The ZEEnit P series uses D2 and Zeeman background correction techniques in a compact spectrometer for flame and graphite modes.Expansion of the linear working range by means of the 3-field technique, and a dynamic mode for automatic adaptation to varied element contents – the ZEEnit opens up unparalleled capabilities in Zeeman graphite furnace AAS.