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CAL2k bomb calorimeter systems


The calorimeters can operate as either a stand alone unit or via a PC. The cooler reduces the temperature of a fired vessel by having its hot junction of the peltier elements cooled down by a continous trickle of mains water supply. The filling station fills the vessel with oxygen to 3000Kpa (3Mpa) at a controlled pace, so as not to disturb the sample inside the crucible. The vessel is the heart of the calorimeter systems. It has an isothermal design with a microprocessor in its base. The vessel also has a number of temperature sensors within its cylindrical walls, ensuring absolute accuracy. The CAL2k bomb calorimeters with their easy maintenance and compact size are a must for any calorimetry application.

CAL3K-AP Bomb Calorimeter


A new bomb vessel with the option of the adiabatic or isothermal method. And Automatic oxygen filling on top of that. Now that’s innovative. The CAL3K-AP uses a mixture of isothermal and adiabatic methods – while still using the dry method. It features a new air cooler and can achieve unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability. The max determination speed is up to 3 minutes. The CAL3K-AP makes use of the new bayonet vessel with new CAL3K technology.