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Boot Swab

Boot swabs are stretchable, sterile fabric boot covers with in integral elastic band designed to easily slide over any shoe or boot and remain securely in place for effortless collection of samples from the floor surface.  Available pre-moistened with double-strength skim milk, boot swabs are packaged as singles or pairs in a completely sealed, non-perforated, sterile sample bag to ensure product integrity and quality.

Cattle/Swine Carcass Sampling Kits

The Carcass Sampling Kit contains all components (sponge, gloves, 100 cm² template, and 25 ml of Butterfield's phosphate buffer) needed to collect and transport 15 carcass samples according to the guidelines of the U.S. Pathogen Reduction Act.  Kit components (sponges, gloves, template and buffer) can also be bought separately to better match your workflow.

Extension Poles

Reach further with 4, 8 or 12 ft extension poles that work with our unique adapters made specifically for EZ Reach sponges and PUR-Blue swabs.

EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler

The EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler solves the problem of how to reliably analyze a single environmental test point for multiple pathogens or groups of indicator organisms without risking incidental contamination or compromising sensitivity by cutting sponges or diluting samples in the laboratory. The Split-Sampler includes all of the innovative features of the standard EZ Reach sponge sampler but allows users to easily separate a single sample into two distinct samples for downstream analysis.

Available in HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth & Letheen Broth.

•  Eliminates imprecise sampling of adjacent areas

•  Prevents need to cut sponges at the laboratory

•  Reduces cost of using 2 separate sampling devices

•  Test for Salmonella and Listeria from one sample

EZ Reach™ Sponge Sampler

The EZ Reach™ sponge sampler is ideal for collecting environmental surface samples without touching the sponge. The bendable polypropylene handle allows maximum contact of the sponge with the sampling surface and also helps with the collection of hard-to-reach surfaces, around corners, and irregular shaped areas. The innovative twist-off head holds the sponge securely but is quick and easy to remove from the handle once sample collection is completed.

Available in HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth, D/E Neutralizing Broth, Letheen Broth, Neutralizing Buffer and Buffered Peptone Water.

•  Scrub surfaces without touching the sponges

•  Durable polyurethane sponge resists tearing and fraying

EZ Reach™ XL Sponge Samplers

Sometimes BIGGER is better and the EZ Reach™ 4X and 8X sponge samplers make it easier to collect environmental samples from larger surface areas, like tanks, walls and ceilings. The ability to test a larger area, makes them the perfect tool for investigative sampling. These XL sponges include all the features of a standard EZ Reach sponge sampler including a durable polyurethane sponge, a bendable handle for better surface contact, and the unique twist-off action to easily separate the sponge from the handle.

EZ Reach™ 4X is available in HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth & Double Strange Skim Milk, and EZ Reach™ 8X is available in HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth only.

•  Ideal for investigative sampling

•  Choose EZ Reach 4X for areas up to 8 ft²

•  Choose EZ Reach 8X for areas up to 16 ft²

FlipRight™ Prefilled Vials

FlipRight™ Prefilled Vials combine the best of innovation and practicality.  The lockdown tab with the unique lever design makes FlipRight one of the most secure and easy to open tubes or vials available.  Designed to be easily opened with either one or two hands, the FlipRight Vial is perfectly suited for use in microbiology laboratories. They are ideal for a variety of applications including performing serial dilutions, growing cultures, or as a convenient source of pre-measured media for hydrating sponges.

Available in Butterfield’s Phosphate Buffer, Buffered Peptone Water, Letheen Broth & D/E Neutralizing Broth.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Unique lever design with lockdown tab

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Perfect for serial dilutions or growing cultures

​Pre-measured media for hydrating sponges

NovaLock™ Dilution Bottles

NovaLock™ Bottles are designed to be the easiest and most convenient dilution bottle available.  No shrink wrap to remove and no strips to pull.  The patented lockdown technology keeps the lid firmly in place during shipping and storage.  The bottles can be effortlessly and aseptically opened by simply pressing upward on the lockdown tab.  Color-coded tamper evident labels identify the type and volume of diluent in the NovaLock dilution bottle.  The 1 ¾ inch (4.3 cm) wide opening makes it easy to add even bulky powder samples to the NovaLock dilution bottle.

Available in Butterfield’s Phosphate Buffer, Buffered Peptone Water (ISO), Peptone Water, Demi-Fraser Broth & Phosphate Buffer + MgCl.

Pull String Sampler

Pull-String samplers are designed for collecting samples from poultry and other livestock housing facilities.  The 4” x 4” 12-ply cotton gauze pad with an attached string is available pre-moistened with double-strength skim milk, packaged in a completely sealed, non-perforated, sterile sample bag to ensure product integrity and quality.

PUR-Blue™ DUO Swabs

PUR-Blue™ DUO Swab Samplers combine practical convenience with sound microbiology.  DUO is designed to facilitate the collection and enrichment of pathogens with a single device.  One tube of the DUO contains a polyurethane tip swab hydrated with a neutralizing media.  The second tube contains a ready-to-use enrichment broth for recovery and growth of target organisms such as Listeria or Salmonella. With the PUR-Blue DUO, enrichment can start immediately after collection, eliminating handling and transfer in the laboratory.

Available in HiCap™ / Demi-Fraser Broth, HiCap™ / Buffered Peptone Water, D/E Neutralizing / Demi-Fraser Broth and D/E Neutralizing / Buffered Peptone Water.

•  Sample collection and enrichment in 1 device

•  Eliminates transfer step saving time and labor

•  Reduces enrichment media costs

•  More cost effective than sponge sampling devices

PUR-Blue™ Swabs

Unlike the traditional fiber-style cotton or Dacron tipped swabs, PUR-Blue™ swab samplers possess a medical grade polyurethane foam tip that resists tearing and fraying, making it the ideal tool for sampling rough surfaces. The strong and flexible shaft, combined with the easy-to-grip large cap, allows the user to press firmly and vigorously scrub surfaces, disrupting biofilms and lift organisms during sample collection. PUR-Blue swabs can be used with a telescoping extension pole to safely sample those hard-to-reach areas, making it a highly adaptable universal sampling device.

Available in HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth, D/E Neutralizing Broth, Letheen Broth & Neutralizing Buffer.

•  Suitable for sampling from crevices up to 1 ft²

•  Large tip for pathogen detection or plating multiple tests

•  Small tip for delivering 1 ml directly to plate or film

•  Available with a variety of collection solutions in 1, 5 & 10 ml formats

SampleRight™ Sponge Sampler

The SampleRight™ Sponge Sampler with a high-density polyurethane sponge provides another innovative solution to solve everyday surface sampling challenges. The sponge is easy to manipulate when moving it in and out of the sample bag and easy to hold on to while collecting a surface sample. The polyurethane material resists tearing and flaking, making it ideal for tough surfaces. Each unit is hydrated with a 10 ml of buffer, providing sufficient volume of liquid to perform multiply quantitative tests for microorganisms from a single sample. SampleRight is also available with a cellulose sponge.

Available in HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth, Letheen Broth, Neutralizing Buffer and Buffered Peptone Water.

Veriswab™ Sampler

The Veriswab™ sampler is ideal for collecting samples from small areas with limited access such as cracks, crevices, and areas with small openings. Veriswab includes a 16x100 mm polypropylene tube and screw cap with an attached Dacron-tipped swab on a high visibility blue shaft. The tube has a flat base that sits stably on a solid surface while a sample is being collected.​ Choose from multiple media and fill volume options to address common sampling regimes.

Available in HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth, Letheen Broth & Neutralizing Buffer.