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Photolab 7100 Photometer
Supplier: Xylem WTW

Photolab 7100 Photometer

photoLab® 7100 VIS covering the range from 320 to 1100 nm supports fastest and affordable routine analysis. Universal instrument suitable for all routine measurements with barcoded test kits, in-service labs, industry and R&D, wherever the UV range is not needed:

  • Easy to use: place cuvette, read measurement value
  • More than 250 test programs for water analysis, galvanics and general lab analytics
  • Cell and reagent test kits with barcode for automatic program selection
  • Automatic cuvette and measurement range detection for rectangular cuvettes
  • Top reliability due to menu guided comprehensive Analytical Quality Assurance – AQA
  • Measurement “Light” on the road with car battery use

USB and Ethernet-connections for easy update, print to PDF or printer, storage and data export