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Foundry-Master Xpert


Laboratory vacuum spectrometer for metals analysis  - The FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert is the ideal cost-effective solution for all metal processing industries. This rugged benchtop optical emission spectrometer analyses almost any element, even critical trace tramp and inoculating elements with low detection limits.

PMI-Master Pro 2


Laboratory on the go, mobile metals analysis - The PMI-MASTER Pro2 is the ideal instrument for metal processing companies looking for a mobile and robust metals analyser. The optical emission spectrometer (OES) offers extraordinary long battery life and superior precision of results.


With the PMI-MASTER Pro2 cordless on-site operation is easy thanks to its powerful battery, allowing 750 measurements for 8 hours of remote operation. The PMI-MASTER Pro2 can analyse almost any sample: with complex shapes and irregular geometries, wires (min. 1 mm thin) with universal adapter, with rubber seal for concave and convex surfaces.



Robust and efficient for high throughput metals analysis - The TEST-MASTER Pro is the ideal instrument for metal processing companies looking for a fast, mobile and robust analyzer. This optical emission spectrometer is designed for high throughput and 24/7 operation thanks to rapid measurement times and special hardware design. 

The TEST-MASTER Pro automation system can be integrated into conditioning lines of steel plants or within metal processing to deliver in production control, to monitor chemical composition or minimize the risk of material grade mix-up.

PMI Master Smart


Superior metals analysis in difficult to reach places - The PMI-MASTER Smart is a breakthrough for optical emission spectroscopy (OES) analysis in hard to reach places. It’s the only truly portable high performance OES analyser on the market. Weighing just 15 kg /33 lbs the spectrometer can be easily carried to the point of analysis.

This robust spectrometer is designed for the precise analysis of key elements, rapid material verification, PMI and metal sorting. Despite its light weight and compact size the PMI-MASTER Smart offers high analytical performance, unparalleled portability, convenience and ease of use.