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contrAA 800 Series

The contrAA 800 series combines the best of standard AAS instruments and ICP-OES spectrometers at a manageable cost. Take your demand for precision and performance to the next level with its fast-multi-element analysis using a single xenon arc lamp for the entire element range, optimal detection limits with its high resolution optics, and CCD detector for a high-resolution absorption spectrum for each sample.

novAA 800 Series

The novAA 800 series provide you with rapid routine analysis for moderate sample quantities across a wide range of concentrations - and are extremely easy to use. It can be operated in single and double beam mode with D2 background correction as well as in emission mode. Whether it is flame technology for simple and robust routines, graphite furnace for cost-effective trace analysis, or hydride technology for the improved detection of arsenic, selenium, and mercury, novAA 800 offers the solutions to meet your needs.


ZEEnit Series

The ZEEnit series represents the latest generation of Zeeman AAS. Both Zeeman-AAS in the portfolio are compact spectrometers equipped with a transverse-heated high-performance graphite furnace, third-generation Zeeman magnetic field control and powerful deuterium and Zeeman background correction. Expansion of the linear working range by means of the 3-field technique, and a dynamic mode for automatic adaptation to varied element contents. The ZEEnit 700P is a compact tandem spectrometer with an additional fully automatic flame mode.