Brownstone Asia-Tech, Inc. (Brownstone) is a major supplier of materials testing, analytical and laboratory equipment and serves almost all industry sectors of the Philippines. Incorporated on March 18, 1996, it started operating on April 1, 1996 with only 4 personnel under its banner. Today, Brownstone has more than 50 dedicated sales, service and administrative personnel. Its line of products include equipment and consumables for Chromatography, Spectrometry, Materials Testing, Microbiological Testing, Water Testing, Food Testing, Environmental Testing and General Laboratory Testing.


  • To provide the best solutions to our customers through innovative products and excellent support.
  • To gain positive experience in every customer encounter through teamwork.

Brownstone's Organization

Brownstone's organization consists of three major departments and some special groups designed to assist the major departments. Each department is composed of various sections and units.

Brownstone's Operations

Brownstone's operations consist of two major activities (sales and technical services) involving three departments.

The Sales Department's major activity involves selling of materials testing, analytical and laboratory equipment, including accessories and consumable laboratory items to its customers. Most of these equipment are sourced out by Brownstone from Original Equipment Manufacturers' (OEM's) abroad. The Sales Department is assisted by the Technical Department whose main task involves installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair services of all equipment units and other items supplied by Brownstone. Customers are likewise assisted by the Applications Section of the Sales Department in developing specific analytical methods unique to their application purposes. The day to day administration of Brownstone activities is handled by its General Manager and President and the Administration / Finance Department.

To further improve its service to customers, Brownstone established special groups with very specific functions. These groups were designed to focus on specific activities with the end goal of enhancing the overall effectiveness of Brownstone's day to day operations. These groups include the: Quality Group, Information and Technology Group and Training Group.

The Quality Group serves as the "caretaker" of the Brownstone Quality system. The group ensures that the quality system is well documented and in-tune with the objectives and goals of the company. Upgrading the technical competency of Brownstone personnel and its customers through scheduled lectures and training is considered a major activity and is handled by the Training Group. Computer-related activities are the major concerns of the Information and Technology Group.

It was in mid-2005 that Brownstone decided to document and implement a quality system to ultimately direct its expanding organization and operation. The Brownstone quality system is partly based on ISO 9000 and the experiences gained by the company in its more than ten years of operation.